Specialising in services, consolidation hubs and end user presentation

It's Not Just Services to us

It doesn't start with services and it doesn't finish there either. Our passion is services and we don't apologise for that. We know it's one piece of the puzzle. Without the front end experience and the back end performance to match we know better than anyone that services won't survive. We build it from start to finish based on a micro services architecture to ensure our services are in it for the long term. 

Presentation to impress

We want to impress our end users with upfront speed where it counts and detail where it matters the most. Our rapid approach ensures our interfaces deliver what your end users need.  

Consolidation of what matters the most

We look at your business and work with you to understand what matters the most. The ability to search, discover and undercover your critical data holdings in one consolidated hub is invaluable. Our key is discovery and delivery avoiding the pitfalls of data flooding your hub.
  • AsRequired approach to project management and delivery to ensure your projects are delivered.
  • Continuous integration and testing from start to finish and beyond.  
  • Self documenting services to deliver discoverable, reusable and consistent services

Our Passions

We love what we do at work and at play. The inspiration for Geared Software comes from our love of bikes. The mechanical nature of bikes and specialist bike tools for the right job inspire us to make the art work of IT into the mechanical science it should be. Don't guess your way through IT solutions, work with us to know your answers and get the right services for your job.  
  • Micro-Services

    The evolution of SOA to MSA.
  • XML and XSLT

    Transform your data so your applications dont have to. 
  • JSON Data

    Media delivered with efficiency!
  • MOUNTAIN Bikes

    Hard working, get dirty and enjoy. 
  • ROAD Bikes

    Pure and classic tarmac rollers.
  • Touring

    Gravel munching, single tracks, wide open trails and the road all mixed into one.


Jason Finlen

Service evangelist and master bike builder
20 years exp.

Jeong Park (JP)

Data, discovery, backend leader and newbie Mountain Biker
15 years exp.

Long Hoang

Presentation, middleware authority and Mountain Biker
16 years exp.

Need More?

Our passion for services and software extends into our personal life and onto the bikes we ride. We love rides from daily commutes, epic day trips, long weekenders and tours across as much varied terrain as we can handle. We carry the technology love with us on the bikes with live tracking, garmin GPS and strava. The love for these and the dynamic service API's they offer inspire us everyday. 

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(+61) 424-189-440

27 Jindabyne Street
Duffy, Canberra